Most Businesses Would Benefit From Smaller Infusions of Capital on an Ongoing Basis, Rather Than Big Investment Rounds.

It can be a monumental challenge for business leaders of startups to simultaneously grow their business and services while fundraising. Lisa Canning, founder and CEO of Sana’s Kitchen, has made it her mission to innovate the way investors can put their money towards startups. Founded in 2016, Sana’s Kitchen supports entrepreneurs and business owners who need to build momentum online. Click play to find out more about Canning’s unique milestone investment model.

Retaining Customers for your Business

In order to retain your customers you should always get in touch with them. This would help you to get the feel of their pulse and theystay incline with your business. Here is an article which would help you to attain it.

There are few better ways to retain and market to existing customers than by offering a newsletter packed with engaging and relevant content, delivered in a consistent manner. Retention is instrumental to a business’ success.

. According to the Harvard Business Review, it can cost up to 25 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Additionally, enticing your website visit


The first step in building a subscriber base for your newsletter is to capture email addresses from both existing and potential customers. When a customer makes a purchase for the first time, make sure to request their opt-in to your newsletter and any other marketing emails. Sending newsletters to customers without their consent, even if they have made a purchase, is considered bad practice, and is illegal in Europe under GDPR.

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