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In this article you would find 10 ways to write your headlines to attract your readers.

Let’s move beyond the common ones you see over and over — like “how to” — and bring some new blood to the mix with these 10 titles you can customize for your audience.

1. Who Else Wants [blank]?

Starting a headline with “Who Else Wants …” is a classic social-proof strategy that implies an already existing consensus desire.

  • Who Else Wants More People to Read Their Writing?
  • Who Else Wants a Higher Paying Job?
  • Who Else Wants More Fun and Less Stress When on Vacation?

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Are you having an E-Commerce website and you want to draw visitors to your site. Here is an article which would guide you to write articles.

The author, Eoghan Henn from searchVIU, showed how informational content (think how-to articles, blog posts and guides) contributes to a site’s overall SEO performance.

Henn discussed working with an e-commerce site that had 60,000 product pages, 80 category pages and 25 informational pages.

Because of an internal business decision, the company pulled all 25 informational pages from their site. (You can read the full story here.) The pages were redirected to the home page, so the content was essentially…gone.

Here’s where things get interesting…

You’d think that redirecting 25 pages wouldn’t be a big deal, especially when the site had over 60,000 product pages.

Read the article here.